Uganda. The Pearl of Africa

This is Uganda, where river waters flow in abundance, and mountains are high up in the skies, with rains flowing from the heavens all year long, this is definitely the Pearl of Africa.

You haven’t been to a beautiful place in this world if it’s not Uganda with so much green in the country sides & breathtaking scenery. So much to see and explore, including the famous mountain gorillas and other amazing wildlife. So tighten up those hiking boots and get ready to discover some of Africa’s best national parks and historical sites located in Uganda. With over 1000 bird species, half of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas, chimps, wildlife, rivers, lakes, mountains, amazing cultures, friendly people, we welcome you to visit Uganda



The impenetrable forest located in South Western Uganda on the edge of the rift valley is home to over 400 mountain gorillas, close to half of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas. About 350 species of birds are also hosted in this forest, including 23 Albertine Rift endemics. While in Bwindi, gorilla trekking takes place in different areas of the forest i.e. Buhoma, Nkuringo, Ruhija & Rushaga. A great number of safari lodges are situated within this forest or outside the park where most travelers get to rest before or after the gorilla trekking experience. This park is rated one of Uganda’s & Africa’s top tourist destinations with the no.1 activity most tourists would love to try.



This is Uganda’s most popular tourist destination located in Western Uganda next to the Rwenzori Mountains. The southern sector – Ishasha is home to the legendary tree climbing lions and other wildlife. Also this is where you will find the famous Kazinga channel, with lots of rare bird species, hippos, crocodiles and other wildlife. Due to its location, it’s easily accessible from the capital Kampala and visitors can also fly here with arranged chartered flights. Queen Elizabeth national park has so much to show you including the explosion craters, Mweya peninsula, Maramagambo forest, Kyambura gorge and many other attractions.



The Murchison Falls National Park which lies at the northern end of the Albertine Rift Valley, is Uganda’s largest and oldest national park. It was gazetted as a game reserve in 1926 and currently hosts 76 species of mammals and 451 birds. This park is also famous for the ‘Murchison falls’ where the River Nile squeezes through an 8m wide gorge and plunges with a thunderous roar into the “Devil’s Cauldron”, creating a trademark rainbow. Unbelievably magnificent and anyone would agree to visit this park while on their Afican Safari.



Also known as the ‘Primate Capital of the World’, this is where you will see over 13 primate species and 300 bird species. The famous and major attraction are the chimpanzees living in this forest, One of human’s closest living relatives. Kibale is located in western Uganda, in the heart of ‘Tooro’ Kingdom in fort-portal district. Most of our tours will take you to this prestigious rain forest for a day or two to enjoy gorilla trekking.



This is where the adventure lives and stays – situated a few kilometers east of Kampala, Jinja is also known as East Africa’s adventure capital. The major attraction is the source of the river Nile – one of the world’s longest rivers. Tourists can enjoy white water rafting on the Nile rapids and Kayaking. Other fun activities include bungee Jumping and quad biking along the river banks.



Uganda’s capital city with an estimated population of over 1.5 million people. The city’s main attractions include the Kasubi tombs, Mengo Palace, Gaddafi Mosque, Martyrs shrine in Namugongo, Baha’i temple, Independence Monument, National Museum and many others. It’s also located close to the main airport – Entebbe International Airport, about 30 minutes away. Kampala city is an amazing town and the best way to see it is through a city tour using local means – ‘boda boda’ or you can opt using the tour bus or car to take you around.



Gorilla Trekking

One of the prime tourist activities, in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park. Tourists can arrange through travel agents to get gorilla permits in advance from the Wildlife Authority Offices in Kampala. This is an experience that will get to thrill you as you get close to see the gentle giants living in the forest.


White Water Rafting

The best adventure in Africa is to go rafting on the Nile in Jinja as this leaves you excited and thrilled while moving through grade 3 and grade 5 rapids. Rafting can be arranged for either a full or half day through the travel agent.


Chimp Tracking

Love to see Chimpanzees – our closest living relatives in their natural habitats? Chimp tracking is an amazing experience and can be enjoyed in different areas in Uganda. Kibale forest is one of the prime destinations since you will also get to see other primate species. The other places include the Budongo royal Mile in budongo forest & Kyambura gorge in Queen Elizabeth Park. Chimp tracking permits can be booked for through a tour / travel agent from UWA offices.


Wildlife Viewing

One of the best ways to enjoy seeing Uganda’s spectacular wildlife attractions in the biggest national parks. Highlights include spotting animals like Lions, leopards, hyenas, elephants, giraffes, buffaloes, antelopes, rhinos, warthogs and many others. An early morning game drive on your wildlife safari in one the parks will get you a chance to see some of these animals.


Bird Watching

Uganda is gifted to have over 1000+ species of birds, making it one of the best birding destinations. The best places to see these include the Kazinga channel in queen Elizabeth park, Lake Bunyonyi, Bwindi forest, Kibale forest, Budongo, Lake Mburo Mabamba swamp and many other places.


Cultural visits

This a country has so many tribes with different unique cultures. From these cultures, people have learnt how to identify between themselves. Some of the tribes include; Bakiga, Batooro, Baganda, Karamajong and many others. Amazing cultural experiences you will enjoy include the batwa cultural experience in Bwindi forest which is one of the amazing cultural encounters you will ever come across while on your tour. Others include the Ndeere experiences at Ndeere center in Kampala.

Popular Uganda Safaris & Tours

CHECK PRICE Kidepo fly in wildlife safari

5 Day Kidepo Fly In Wildlife Safari

Kidepo National park, “home of the big five”. Kidepo Valley National Park ranks among Africa’s finest wilderness and the park hosts over 77 mammal species as well as around 475


3 Day Queen Elizabeth Wildlife Safari

The 3 days Queen Elizabeth Wildlife Safari takes you to Uganda’s most popular destination adjacent to the Rwenzori Mountains. Get ready to see Africa’s best wildlife, primates & bird species.

CHECK PRICE Mountain Gorilla

4 Day Affordable Gorilla Safari

This 4 day affordable Gorilla Safari highlights Bwindi Impenetrable forest as one of the best destinations in Uganda for an exceptional encounter with the endangered Mountain Gorillas.


7 Day Gorilla, Chimps & Wildlife Safari

Enjoy 7 days in Uganda with this Safari which combines, chimp tracking, gorilla trekking and wildlife viewing in the best destinations.


6 Day Gorilla & Uganda Safari Experience

Enjoy a tailor-made safari experience and adventure that will seem more like a dream than a safari. This amazing safari will take you through the boundless wilderness of Queen Elizabeth National Park the most visited park in Uganda and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest for a gorilla trekking adventure. For most people mountain Gorilla trekking and Chimpanzee tracking are the highlight of this safari. There are amazing opportunities of seeing numerous animals like the big Cats, hippos, buffaloes, leopard, elephants, and several species of birds

CHECK PRICE 12 Day Adventure Uganda Affordable

12 Day Adventure Uganda Affordable Safari

The 12 Day Affordable Safari is a mixture of primates and wildlife. It will take you to Uganda’s best national parks Murchison falls & Kibale National park for Chimpanzee tracking.

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