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Come and live with us the true Dream of Africa. We will take you to the most wonderful landscapes, you will see the wild life of Africa, and you will meet the wonderful people of Africa. Starting with Uganda, The Pearl of Africa, we also take you to Kenya, Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania with professionalism and service.

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Democratic Republic of the Congo
Democratic Republic of the Congo
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FROM $1,950.00 7 days Uganda birding safari - shoebill

7 Day Uganda Birding Safari

7 days Uganda Birding Safari taking you to several bird watching spots across Uganda. This trip starts from Murchison falls, then to Kibale wetlands & finally Queen Elizabeth national park

FROM $1,750.00 Chimpanzee Habituation Safari

7 Day Gorilla & Wild life Safari

This safari takes you to Uganda’s premium national parks, Kibale National park the primate capital of the world known for its Chimps, Bwindi impenetrable forest home to the mountain gorillas

FROM $2,974.00

5 Day Kidepo Fly In Wildlife Safari

Kidepo National park, “home of the big five”. Kidepo Valley National Park ranks among Africa’s finest wilderness and the park hosts over 77 mammal species as well as around 475

FROM $2,650.00 Chimpanzee

6 Day Luxury Gorilla Trekking Safari

An amazing 6 days luxury Gorilla Trekking safari in Uganda – the home to the most number of endangered mountain gorillas remaining in the entire world. Also you get to

FROM $2,750.00

12 Day Adventure Uganda Affordable Safari

The 12 Day Affordable Safari is a mixture of primates and wildlife. It will take you to Uganda’s best national parks Murchison falls & Kibale National park for Chimpanzee tracking.

Rated 5.00 out of 5
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FROM $3,724.00 Uganda Rwanda Congo Adventure

13 Day Uganda Rwanda Congo Adventure

A trip worth taking to live a true African adventure in three amazing countries. You get to enjoy cultural experiences, see wildlife, nature, primates, birds & the famous Mountain Gorillas

FROM $850.00 $685.00 Sale! Zebra in Lake Mburo

3 Day Lake Mburo Trekking and Wildlife Safari – Uganda

An amazing 3 days safari in Lake Mburo,  Uganda’s smallest Savannah park with abundant wildlife such as Zebra, eland, impala, buffalo, hippo and home to a number of bird species

FROM $940.00

3 Day Queen Elizabeth Wildlife Safari

The 3 days Queen Elizabeth Wildlife Safari takes you to Uganda’s most popular destination adjacent to the Rwenzori Mountains. Get ready to see Africa’s best wildlife, primates & bird species.

FROM $2,450.00 Masai mara wildlife reserve Kenya

8 Days Kenya Classic Safari

When people speak of a true African safari experience, Kenya as a top destination comes first. The thought of rushing wildebeest herds in the Mara to the fascinating cultures of

FROM $2,653.00 Tanzania Safari

6 Day Tanzania Classic Safari

The 6 day Safari to Tanzania gives you unmatched safari experience that suites your African holiday. While on this Adventure, you will get a chance to sight the Big cats,

FROM $1,650.00 6 days Discover Kenya Safari

6 Day Discover Kenya Safari

This amazing 6 days Discover Kenya Safari takes you to Explore the Kenya’s destinations including Lake Naivasha, Lake Nakuru, Aberdare National park before ending up at Masai Mara game reserve.

FROM $3,395.00

10 Day Best of Tanzania Safari

Tanzania is well known for the Annual Wildebeest Migration as well as endless open savanna grasslands filled with a variety of wildlife. Tanzania’s has some of the oldest and most

FROM $6,350.00

21 Day Kenya – Uganda Wildlife & Gorilla Encounter

Kenya and Uganda offer you an amazing life time opportunity to visit the two popular East African countries. The tour package include participating in the Great Migration that occur annually

FROM $2,574.00

12 Day Kidepo Valley and Jinja Adventure

Travel to one of the most beautiful and remote national Parks in Uganda, Kidepo Valley passing through the spectacular Murchison Falls park and hiking at the Sipi Falls in Mount Elgon

FROM $6,850.00 Uganda safari - guiding travel notes

19 Day Best of Uganda

The 19 days Best of Uganda Safari allows you to enjoy a memorable holiday in Uganda’s best tourist destinations giving you a mixture of primate and wildlife safari experiences

FROM $5,779.00 Tanzania wildebeest migration

12 Day Wildebeest Migration Safari Tanzania

Enjoy watching millions of animals in the annual Great Wildebeest Migration in Tanzania’s oldest and most popular national parks with this 12 days Wildebeest Migration Safari that starts from Ngorongoro.

FROM $6,785.00 Murchison falls - love uganda luxury safari

14 Day Uganda Luxury Safari

This itinerary is a mixture of primates and wildlife. It will take you to most of Uganda’s best national parks; Murchison falls national park the most visited park in the

Rated 5.00 out of 5
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FROM Rwanda & Uganda Combined Safari

8 Day Rwanda and Uganda Combined Safari

Rwanda popularly referred to as the land of a thousand hills is a beautiful country whose terrain is generally hilly. It is best known as home of the endangered mountain

FROM $3,833.00 Chimpanzee Habituation experience in Kibale forest

9 Day Gorilla with Chimpanzee habituation Safari

Experience an abundance of wildlife and cultural experiences on this Chimpanzee habituation & gorilla Safari. You will definitely get close to nature & culture while in the Pearl of Africa.

FROM $5,950.00 Uganda Rwanda affordable Safari - gorilla trekking

16 Days Uganda & Rwanda affordable Safari

Discover the beauty of Uganda and Rwanda’s finest attractions with this 16 days affordable Safari, which includes gorilla trekking, spotting Ishasha tree climbing lions and other amazing activities.

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FROM $1,850.00 $1,650.00 Sale! Mountain Gorilla

4 Day Affordable Gorilla Safari

This 4 day affordable Gorilla Safari highlights Bwindi Impenetrable forest as one of the best destinations in Uganda for an exceptional encounter with the endangered Mountain Gorillas.

FROM $850.00 $685.00 Sale! Zebra in Lake Mburo

3 Day Lake Mburo Trekking and Wildlife Safari – Uganda

An amazing 3 days safari in Lake Mburo,  Uganda’s smallest Savannah park with abundant wildlife such as Zebra, eland, impala, buffalo, hippo and home to a number of bird species

We are Africa, we love Africa

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