White Water rafting on the Nile in Jinja town

7 Fun Things To do in Jinja town, Uganda

8th February 2024
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Your safari to Uganda is incomplete without visiting Jinja town, the adventure capital of East Africa and one of the oldest towns. It is filled with old architectural buildings, factories but most importantly, the source of the River Nile is found here. The town is located a few kilometers east of Kampala and getting here can be by public transport means or you can hire a travel company to take you around. Jinja is also the center of one of Africa’s famous music festivals which is scheduled for every year around late august or early September. We’ve compiled some of the fun things to do while you visit Jinja.


White Water Rafting

Rafting on the grade three and grade five rapids on the Nile River has been rated among the most adventurous trips ever in the world. This is where your adrenaline comes into play while you experience the fast moving Nile waters. The rafting trips are meant for half or full day with a pre-safety training before. Non-swimmers shouldn’t worry since every raft boat comes along with an experienced guide. Family rafting is also available on the Nile in Jinja town.


Explore the Source of the Nile

The source of the Nile tour will take you through another life of adventure as you get to see where the Nile starts from. The river flows up-to the Mediterranean Sea in Egypt making it one of the world’s longest rivers. A boat trip on the Nile will get you to see some of the amazing sights including a golf course located along the banks. You can also opt to take a longer boat ride up-to the nearby Samuka island and enjoy the beautiful fauna while there.


Tandem Kayaking

Besides the white water rafting, visitors in Jinja can also explore the Nile River with tandem kayaking. An experienced guide will be able to take you down the rapids of the Nile. With the Kayaking, you get to sit in a small narrow boat wrapped around your waist equipped with a double blade paddle.


Horseback Riding around Jinja town

Jinja town has a number of horseback experiences for visitors. You will be able to get a unique ride on the horses passing through the nearby villages. There is also a section located near the Nile river banks. You will have amazing views from the hills overlooking the Nile valley. The horseback riding safari experience can be easily arranged for on our Jinja trip.


Bungee Jumping experience

The bungee experience will get you to Jump off a hang into the Nile while your feet are tied to an elastic rope. Quite a thrilling activity and not for the faint hearted. However the experience is proven to have been tested many times and it’s safe for visitors willing to get their adrenaline pumping. Also there is a always a boat waiting for you when you jump so that they can pick you and there are no crocodiles to worry about. It is an unforgettable experience for tourists and visitors in Jinja.


Quad biking around Jinja town

The all-Terrain Quad biking experience takes you along the River Nile while viewing the wonderful sights here. You will also move through the nearby villages and have a chance to have a glance at the local cultures. You can opt to purchase a souvenir from the craft shops on your way. The Quad biking activity is Ideal for small groups and families traveling together.


Mabira Forest Walk and Zip Lining

Mabira forest is Uganda’s biggest natural forest located close to Jinja town. Visitors here can enjoy a forest walk to see the different bird species, primates & trees. You can also enjoy Zip lining, which is also an interesting activity.

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